A wall-mounted axial fan is a type of fan that is designed to be mounted on a wall to provide ventilation or air movement in a specific area. These fans have axial blades, which means that they rotate around an axis parallel to the airflow, drawing air in and pushing it out in a straight line. There are several manufacturers and suppliers that offer wall-mounted axial fans. Some popular options include:

McMaster-Carr offers a range of axial fans, including DC equipment-cooling fans and general equipment-cooling fans. These fans are commonly used to cool warehouse aisles and production lines, as they generate a stream of air that can travel farther than conventional fans.

Greenheck provides wall-mounted axial exhaust fans designed for clean-air applications. These fans feature belt-driven propeller blades and are available in various sizes to accommodate different air volume requirements.

Aero vent offers wall-mounted axial fans designed for cost-effective general ventilation. These fans are available in direct and belt-driven models, with options for aluminum or steel impellers. Fixed or adjustable pitch models are also available to meet different application requirements.

FloAire offers aluminum and steel propeller exhaust fans for wall-mounted installations. These axial fans are suitable for applications that require large air volumes and are available in different configurations, including direct drive and heavy-duty options.

Fantech provides a range of wall ventilators, including wall-mounted axial fans. These fans are designed for various applications and come in different sizes and configurations to meet specific air volume and power requirements. It’s important to consider factors such as the airflow requirements, noise level, energy efficiency, and mounting options when selecting a wall-mounted axial fan. Consulting with a reputable supplier or manufacturer can help in choosing the right fan for your specific needs.

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