Fume Exhaust System

A FUME EXHAUST SYSTEM is used to capture these gases, dusts, mists and metal fumes in a work process. These systems help eliminate or lower human exposure to hazardous fumes.It consists collection hood, ducting, air cleaning device and blower and an effective fume extraction System can carry away airborne contaminants before they can be breathed in.HINDUSTAN ENGINEERS offers a wide variety of fume and smoke extraction systems especially where worker’s protection is needed against contaminated and hazardous environment.We can provide individual/centralized Fume Exhaust Systems as per site requirement. Suitable ducts/hoods are provided where necessarily to effectively remove toxic/offensive gases there by providing clean atmosphere inside the department. A fume extractor is a system utilizing a fan to pull fumes and particulate into a filtration system cleaning the air of harmful chemicals and particulates. Industrial processes create fumes or particles such as welding, sanding, grinding, spraying, powder filling, and chemical applications. Fume extractors use a variety of filters while some systems, depending upon application, use multiple filters in line. The combination of the powerful fan and high-quality filtration media creates a recirculating air pattern for ductless units. Because of the air flow, ductwork or costly replacement air is not required. These units take up less space, weigh less, are more energy efficient, and have easy access to change filters.

Product Details: 

MaterialPolypropylene, Stainless Steel, FRP
Installation ServicesYes
Airflow AdjustableYes
We offer a superior range of Fume Exhaust System to our clients, which is widely used to provide a clean atmosphere inside the various industry such as foundries, soldering machines and also in wave soldering, SMT machine and automatic wielding machine. These fume extraction systems is also used to guide waste exhaust gases away stove.

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